We spend more time in the field than almost any other team in this industry. For us to stay warm, dry and comfortable we have to rely on the best gear available. We wear Sitka Gear because it allows us to focus on what’s important and forget the elements.

Girls With Guns Clothing

The Girls With Guns clothing line is exceptionally well made by women, for women, and their commitment to quality and design is what attracted Julie to them immediately. Julie wears the GWG athletic line almost daily and relies on their casual clothing line to keep her looking fashionable both on and off camera.

K2 Coolers

Our connection to K2 Coolers isn’t just because of their top of the line products or service. It’s also about the entire K2 Lifestyle that we live every day. We’ve found uses for our coolers that we had never imagined, and they go everywhere with us. From backcountry hunts to saltwater fishing, you can guarantee that we will have K2 Coolers along for the ride.

Wilderness Athlete

A healthy lifestyle starts with what you put into your body. With our busy lifestyle and strenuous jobs we rely on the benefits of Wilderness Athlete to keep us energized and strong. We use everything from their protein powders, Energy & Focus, and even the Probiotic to ensure that we stay as healthy as possible.


The best accessory on our bows is also the most useful one. The BowDagger allows us to use our bows without abusing them. No more laying the bow down on the ground or getting mud and dirt in the cams. The BowDagger has allowed us to use archery decoys easier, to stalk up on our prey more efficiently, and even to shoot more accurately because of the counterbalance capabilities of the design.


The National Wild Turkey Federation has set the standard for conservation and preservation of our hunting heritage. We are proud to work side by side with the NWTF to save the habitat, save the hunt, and introduce new hunters to our passion for hunting.


The Mule Deer Foundation has shown us that through hard work and volunteer efforts we can all make a difference in the habitat for wildlife. We support the MDF because they support hunters and the future of our deer herds.


We need to know that our equipment in the field is the best because we rely on it for our food and our livelihood. We shoot Mathew’s bows because no other brand compares to the quality and craftsmanship that they offer. Even in the backcountry or after long travel days, we never have to worry about our bows standing up to the challenge. Our archery equipment essentially puts food on our table with the help of our skills, and we are proud to hold Mathew’s bows when the shot presents itself.

Weston Products

We enjoy processing our own food from the animals that we harvest in the field. We debone it, package it, grind it, slice it, and sometimes dehydrate it. Weston Products makes it possible for us to handle every step of self-processing at home just like we had hired a professional.

Swarovski Optik

Then name “Swarovski” is synonymous with quality. We are proud to be associated with such a high quality brand that allows us to see the world like we’ve never seen it before. When we sit behind our Swarovski glass in the field we know that we are giving ourselves an advantage over anybody who uses glass of lesser quality. We will be able to find the game we are seeking, and our optics will show us the details that the other miss.


Our partnership with Yamaha has always been special to us because it allows us to hunt and fish more efficiently. We take our Yamaha Wolverine everywhere with us, and we know that our safety and security is top priority when we climb in and go on our adventures. The smooth ride and cargo space make our lives easier, while the rugged design allows us to go anywhere we want.

Reel ‘N Smoke

Healthy snacking? That’s definitely our thing! And giving back is another one of our passions! Fortunately, Reel ‘N Smoke has us covered in both areas. Their delicious jerky keeps us fueled up when we need energy, and for every package that people purchase they send a package overseas to our troops!

Camp Chef

Our Camp Chef grill goes on the road with us, and we also use it at home. Because we are constantly adding new wild game recipes to our list of favorites, we really put the Camp Chef smoker and grills to use! We love that the grill is portable so we can take it with us when we camp out, but it’s also large enough for some serious cooking! It has been the centerpiece of many campsites for us during our hunting seasons.

Hobie Cat

Even on our days off we choose to fish if we can find enough water to wet a line. Our Hobie fishing kayaks have allowed us to fish in some of the most beautiful places in the world, even if there’s only 6 inches of water. We fish deep sea, saltwater, fresh water, shallows, lakes and ponds. Sunset cruises are more fun in our Hobies, and we’ve been able to go where the bigger boats aren’t able to. No matter where we fish, we feel secure in knowing that our Hobie kayaks will get us there and show us a good time. For years now we’ve been relying on our Hobie kayaks to give us an advantage over everyone else, and they’ve never failed us.

DOX Outdoors Blinds

We’ve hunted out of a lot of ground blinds over the years, and there’s always something to complain about. The first time we hunted out of a DOX Outdoors blind we realized that it was actually designed with hunters in mind! It’s perfect for archery or rifle hunting, and it is by far the best blind that we’ve found for filming out of. The attention to detail is what sets them apart from all the others.