A new year, a new outlook

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Did we skip 2017? No really, was there even a 2017? Well if there was, it was a blur to me. Maybe it was one of those years that my brain just wants to forget. Either way, for the next 3 months I’ll find myself writing 2 checks for each purchase. One that says 2017, that I will quickly tear up and the second with the correct year, 2018. Sometime around March, I’ll figure it out.

And with the new year comes new beginnings, new outlooks, new adventures and I promise you, it will be an incredible year. As many of you already know, 2017 was a rough one for the guy known as DL. Back in February of 2017, I had a minor… wait for it… pressure washing accident on my left hand at the base of my index finger. I was home for just a few short days and the “chores around the house” list was getting pretty long so there was much to do. The rest is history and I found myself with a small, 1/2″ to 3/4″ cut on my palm. My first reaction was simply, “are you kidding me” followed by me calling myself every name in the book as I ventured into the house to clean it up so I could finish washing the house. Once inside and washing it off with warm water, I immediately made sure I had all the motion and flexibility in the hand by picking up my guitar and playing a few songs. All was well and life was still good. After another 3-4 hours of pressure washing, my day was complete and went about my normal day. I had company that evening and although everything was still good with my finger and hand, I kept it wrapped up and secured.

So here we are, almost a year later and 4 surgeries under my hospital gown and my world has been turned upside down. Somehow, someway the first surgery screwed up my tendons in my hand which has put the kibosh on playing guitar and sharing my music with the world. When I say no guitar, I mean, no guitar. Not even one chord except for G7 and even a person with one finger could do that. The tendons are so screwed up, even two of the other fingers will not work when trying to form a chord. Even bar chords are a struggle. Yeah, it’s been a tough year and life changing to say the least.

So as I try and put those pieces back together and figure out what the next step will be with music, I have yet another task ahead of me that is another hard pill to swallow, putting Till Death Do Us Part to rest. After only 3 incredible seasons, the series that everyone was talking about has died a quick and baffling death. No, nobody died which is a good thing, but life sometimes throws you a curve ball, you swing and you miss and you hang your head in disbelief as you slowly walk back to the dugout, dragging your bat along the way. But, just like the baseball analogy, there will always be another chance to step back in the batter’s box and swing the bat – and that is exactly where I am right now. Actually, I’m standing in the on-deck circle, swinging the bat and getting ready to head to the batter’s box to once again, swing for the fences.

Yours truly is getting ready to launch – drumroll please –  a brand new series on CarbonTV with an air date sometime in third or fourth quarters of 2018 (I told you it was going to be a great year). I will announce the series title when the time is right (and the trademark is approved) and share the concept of something I have wanted to do for a long, long time. An outdoor adventure series that encompass everything about who I am, what I stand for and where I’m going. I know, I know, you’re saying to yourself, “oh great, another hunting show about shooting big deer on private property where most of us hunters could never go because it costs way too much”. Not even close.

I get it, seems like 95% of the shows out there right now are simply that – the bigger the better, right? Well, not this guy and not this show. This series will take you to some of the most incredible destinations in places that you probably thought there was no destination. Every city, every town has a story and a history that most of us never knew existed. Generations of amazing people with stories that deserve to be heard and shared with the world. Hunting, fishing and recreational opportunities that are literally right under your nose, but you had no idea it was even there. Hole in the wall restaurants and watering holes that have been hidden to outsiders for years, but deserve a little recognition and a visit.

All of this combined into a short series that will air on one of the most incredible networks out there – CarbonTV. If you aren’t familiar with CarbonTV, you should be and you should download it right now on your iPhone, Android, iPad, Roku, Smart TV or just simply bookmark it on you computer so you can watch it anytime and anywhere you want.

So, as you can see, big changes ahead. Some were by choice, others were not, but either way, it’s going to be a great year and a great new ride.

Many of you have been asking about trade show season and what shows I will be attending and here is a list.

• SHOT show, Las Vegas – I’ll be appearing but due to an incredible production workload, not sure of how long I’ll be out there

• WHE, Salt Lake City – What an honor to be invited back by the incredible folks of WHE and MDF. I will once again be performing at the pre-party which will be held on February 7th, 2018 at the Mariott City Creek Hotel Ballroom from 6-11pm. I will be joined by the amazingly talented Jimmy Herman, as he helps me out on guitar and vocals. It’s going to be an incredible evening and event. I’ll be at the WHE from Wed-Sat.

• NWTF, Nashville TN – Not only will I be appearing at many of the booths, I will also be performing at the NWTF Watering Hole on Friday, February 16th from 3-4pm with my good buddy Jimmy Herman. On Saturday, February 17th, I will be hosting a fun little seminar at the Family Adventure Village from 11am-12pm. I’ll be bringing a bunch of cd’s to giveaway and have some fun contests planned for the kids and even the parents.

In the meantime, I’ll be in overdrive getting ready for the new series, producing some brand new shows that I’ll share with you at a later date and more important – enjoying a lifestyle that is beyond my wildest dreams and is truly a gift from God. Even through the darkest times, he shines a light that I will continue to follow until it’s time to go home. Have a great 2018 everyone, thanks for opportunity.

Daniel Lee Martin


6 thoughts on “A new year, a new outlook

  1. Excited to hear about the new show and looking forward to watching it! Also liking this thing you call blogging! Best of luck in 2018!

  2. I was trying to push an idea like this years ago. Honestly how guys see a 14 point buck, in a lifetime, then you go on a fenced hunt and 3 walk to a feeder and your boss tells you to shoot it like it a real hunt. I knew that would not last and some people in the Industry like Ted are not making it any better. I heard horror stories from guys in Michigan about him. Respect your audience and entertain them and they will watch. Don’t give them tips, don’t sell them products, just be yourself be natural. You are a very likeable person. I am very proud of the shows I did with you, they may not have been that polished as far as look and effects but they had PASSION, they showed us having a good time, that’s what people want a good time!

    1. Not a trip goes by when I don’t think about you and the early crew from SC and how much fun we had. I really wish we could work together again and put our creative minds together to create some great tv. Love you buddy, hope all is well. DL

  3. Daniel Lee,
    So proud to call you friend. Heck, you know your family. 2017 was truly a rough year for you and your family. As always, when tough times come, you turn to your incredible Faith in God and know that his plan for you holds so much more. We can’t wait to see what that so much more is…but we will be blessed to share the good and the not so good as always.
    🤗🙏👍♥️You have got this!

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