“It’s not the destination, its the journey.”

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Music is universal, and so is food consumption. When Daniel Lee picks up his guitar, or when Julie prepares a meal from an animal that’s been harvested by her own hand, there is a connection to the world around them in more ways than one. Whether sitting around a campfire strumming on an old guitar, or listening to mother nature’s critters harmonizing in the night air… there is something special about bringing music and the outdoors together for one big never-ending shindig.

There is something about music and the great outdoors that cannot be denied. Daniel Lee Martin spent his early years picking guitars with his Dad and hunting and fishing when he probably should have been doing other things. Because of his extensive background in marketing, DL found a way to include all of his passions into what would become one of the most successful independent country music careers in Nashville. Instead of denying his passion for the outdoors in order to focus on his music, he combined the two in a way that not many others have been able to match.

In March 2004 Daniel Lee celebrated the national release of his debut album, “All That I Am”. Awards, nominations, mentions in books, and a large fan base followed as Daniel Lee worked towards the release of his second album, “On My Way To You”. Sticking to his grass roots beliefs, DL toured 325 Wal-Mart stores around the United States and connected with his fans on a level that is rare in today’s world. Read More

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